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Update  November 5th 2022

Welcome to our three-monthly news update.

We were planning to be with Andrew & Rebecca, Oliver & Sienna at present but Andrew advised us a couple of days before we were due to leave that he had tested positive for Covid so we are now due to leave later this month for a week.

We had arranged for Irene Doreens friend from Bromley to look after her, but Irene was taken ill on the Tuesday with a kidney infection and Terry took her into A&E around 11pm and picked her up on Saturday evening. Quite amazingly had this happened while we were away it would have been quite challenging to arrange for someone last minute to provide for Doreens medications and medical support.

On the 14th September Doreen celebrated her 97th birthday, only 3 years for her telegram from the King. She continues to do well and is found in all the meeting at the Anglican Church in our road.

Frances continues to make slow progress as regards her recovery from both her cardiac arrest suffered again twice while we were in Australia and her difficulty in swallowing which continues to hinder her eating well but continues to enjoy visiting people, having a coffee out and regular opportunities to minister to those who visit us. We continue to lead a weekly Bible Study in the home of an older couple in Fairlight.

With Philips help we now have, up and running, a new website www.amevaproject.com which includes the history of the Ameva Project from its conception in 1981 until today. Each week Terry is recording on New Life Radio a half an hour chapter which is added to the Ameva website under the heading “The History of the Ameva Project”. At the current rate of information collected we are looking at a book, if it was published, with 80 chapters. It’s a fascinating story and the more Terry digs into it the more it reveals the tremendous work of God undertaken by John & Celia Valentine.

The website currently contains all the documents so far collected and are now available to view Archives including Reflections from visitors and students, Fellowship Missionary News Digest, Ameva Bible School and Farm Updates, and copies of the Ameva Weeklies. We are planning to add Videos taken back as far as 1985 to date and recordings of meetings where John & Celia have spoken of the work.

We are currently attending a local Anglican church as well as taking up opportunities to preach where invited. Terry continues to be involved in the work in Eltham as a trustee and we plan to visit monthly. We had a great 10-day holiday in Menorca with temperatures, the first part of the stay, in the mid 30’s to the mid 20’s for our second half.

We do appreciate your love & friendship Love Terry & Fran

Update August 14th 2022

We have just returned from the New Life Conference which was held at The Quinta the home of Operation Mobilisation in Shropshire. It an amazing house built between 1850-1860 and was surrounded in the 1870s by shrubberies and a park. In the park was a pool with a boathouse, a lodge, and in its north-eastern part, a folly in the form of a stone circle patterned after Stonehenge. There were around 600 delegates at conference.

There were excellent Bible Study sessions on the subject of The Bible: Radical, Reliable, Relevant on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, followed by a choice of seminar sessions with time for questions during each session. Andrew Ollerton from the Bible Study was the keynote speaker. We particularly enjoyed the morning sessions. Derrick Harrison on How to read the Bible. He reminded us that reading the Bible from beginning to the end is often the way people read it. But is this the best, or only way to read it? Can our Bible reading be more productive for us if we recognise the different genre, age, and authorship of it? Are there other methods we can utilise to help us?

WHY DO I TRUST THE BIBLE? by Dai Patterson was really helpful in bringing us back to inspired God btreathed word of God. He says that the validity and reliability of the Bible have been contested through liberal criticism for many years. Now it is said that science has disproved the Bible and made it an irrelevant book. In the light of these sustained attempts to discredit the claims of the Bible being God’s word why can we trust it? We found that particularly helpful. On Tuesday there was opportunity to share our involvement with the work at Ameva. Over these past couple months Philip & I have been putting together a new website for Ameva called www.amevaprojectcom

As we recorded in our last update Terry left Frances in Perth Hospital to return home to relieve Susan who was looking after our home and Doreen. Terry was also preparing to travel to Ameva with Peter & Marilyn Hawkes. Our two weeks of Bible School lecturing and three Sundays preaching in local churches was a tremendous blessing. While there it was sown in our hearts to write “The History of the Ameva Project” and the website www.amevaproject.com went live just before conference.

To add to that Terry is recording a chapter with Mike Coles on New Life Radio each week and adding it to the website. The Introduction and Chapter one includes photos and make a very informative presentation of the work from its beginning in 1981. Terry is also collecting reflections and reports from all those who have been to Ameva. One of the disappointments was that Frances was unable to travel with Terry but was well looked after by Philip & Michelle and family and travelled home with Andrew who stayed until Terry returned from Zimbabwe,

We continue to have opportunities to speak in various churches and we are looking forward to our holiday in Spain in September and a visit to Andrew & Rebecca at the end of October. We appreciate so much your continuing support and prayer. With Much love Terry & FranWebsite

Update 25th May 2022

I am beginning writing this update waiting for a flight to London via Lusaka and Doha on Qatar Air. I have just finished a two-week Bible School Programme at Ameva with a group of 12 students on the subject of Preaching Biblical Messages and The Pastoral Ministry part of a series of 10 sessions put together by the Bible School Training for Pastors organisation. The students receive a certificate after completing 18 months of studies coming into school for two weeks every three months. So far the Bible School has trained over 500 Pastors since 1983.

I was planning to travel with Frances but as you can see by reading our last two updates she had to stay in hospital in Perth, Australia but I am so pleased to report that she has arrived safely back with Andrew last Wednesday (18th May) and it will be good to see her after being separated for over 2 months. Peter & Marilyn Hawkes joined me at Harare airport after travelling from Portugal where they are missionaries. Peter took New Testament Survey and Marilyn spoke at many of the schools’ assemblies. We also had each Sunday booked to preach in various local churches and Peter & I spoke at a combined local Pastors fraternal which drew over 40 pastors. We also joined a local church group in Chegutu Township for a meeting followed by Sudza & Beef.

Today I was driven up to Harare by Absalom early to meet up with Archbishop Katsande & his wife Regina. They head up the Christian Marching Church which we partner with in Zimbabwe of which they have over 50 churches and some in Zambia and South Africa. I had planned that Frances might put her picture taking skills into action to take update photos of the Bible School, Primary School, Secondary School, Farm and outreach works but fortunately I found students and teachers who were much more equipped than I imagined, and they are sending me downloads of various aspects of the work. One young 21-year-old student’s phone was 186gb. My next task is to collect all these photos and videos, sort through them and get either Philip to produce a similar presentation that sent out last January or maybe a Ameva Project Website or both. We shall see.

Well, I have now arrived safely home and Frances has been doing well while Andrew has been looking after things. We plan to continue to take things as easy as we can while she continues to recover. We have appreciated all your care and support

Much love Terry & Frances

1st May 2022 update.

Things have moved pretty fast this last week as we have now made arrangements for Frances to fly back to the UK on the 17th May arriving at London Heathrow at 7am Wednesday 18th May. She will be accompanied by Andrew who is flying from Helsinki today and will arrive tomorrow in Perth the 2nd May. He will spend two weeks with Philip & Michelle, our grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  It will be his first visit to Australia and will be a welcome break as last week he was in Warsaw Poland on business. The family have combined together to buy two business class tickets on Malaysian Air via Kuala Lumpur for the return journey.

As you would have read in our April update Frances collapsed on two occasions when her heart stopped. The second time while in hospital determined it was for 7 seconds and she was fitted with a pacemaker. This procedure seems an amazing intervention of the Lord as it was our last day in Perth and that evening, we were to leave to fly back to the UK. As mentioned in our previous update, similar things have been happening like this over the last two years and came to a climax that Thursday and revealed the root of the problem. The other issue that Frances had problems was with her eating and natural outflows were to prove much more serious and eventually had major surgery to remove the blockage in her colon. This has taken a lot more time to get the whole system up and running properly. She is however doing well and has been pain free. We are praying that by the 17th May everything will be working as it should. Although as I write this update, she was taken into hospital this morning with high blood pressure and pulse. She has had further x-rays on her heart and will tomorrow have the pacemaker checked out. We trust this will all work out ok. I await news on that.

Frances has enjoyed the family especially meeting the new great grandson Malachi and hopefully will enjoy the next two and half weeks without incident

Well, what have I been doing? Apart from looking after Doreen, who lives in her self-contained apartment in our home, my house work, my own cooking and DIY . I have been clearing most of the weeds from the garden, dug over the vegetable areas including two raised boxes and planted out cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, and potatoes. In the conservatory I have plant trays of runner beans and brussels ready to go in when I return from Zimbabwe on the 24th May. Sadly, when I returned from the trip to Australia my gardener, who I asked to do all the jobs I didn’t want to do retired which now leaves me my 50 foot by 8 foot tall hedge in the front to cut, and a huge wisteria to keep pruned as well as all the weeding of course.

However, its taken me many days to get round the garden but I can now settle down to my preparation for two weeks at the Ameva Bible College. I travel on Friday 6th May. My subject is Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry. I am sharing the two weeks with Peter Hawkes who with his wife Marilyn was to join Frances & I at Chegutu. I have also been invited to speak each Sunday morning at various churches in Chegutu. The Chegutu Vineyard Fellowship, The Fellowship churches in both the Scout Hall in the centre of town and on the Ameva Farm. I return back on the 24th May.

Both Frances & I thank for you for your love and support during this very difficult time.

Much love to all who read this update. Terry & Frances

Welcome to our Spring 2022 update

On the 17th of February 2022 we set out to visit our family in Australia this was to attend the marriage of Abigail our oldest grandchild in Perth and the new baby of Kezia our second eldest. We had provisional planned to go on the 24th the day after John's 50th birthday but due to covid Western Australia decided to keep their borders closed and all flights to Perth were cancelled and our ticket monies refunded. Then the local government decided to open borders again as long as though travelling were prepared to self-isolate for 7 days. We decided to go. Unfortunately we found this extremely challenging as there were not flights to Perth but we were able to secure two one way tickets outward via Sydney. We left home on Thursday 17th to travel to London to take PCR tests in a London hotel to qualify getting on the flight and get to the airport for 7am. We were then delayed by a 100-mile hour winds which delayed all departures, ours for 6 hours, and arrived in Darwin too late to get to Sydney which meant another stayover in a hotel. The next day we arrived in Sydney too late to get to Perth and another overnight hotel. We eventually arrived 1 day late to start our 7 days isolation in our grandsons flat.

The wedding was a wonderful occasion, and we enjoyed the next couple of weeks visiting our family and many good friends we have in Perth. We had a great time looking after our 5-year-old great granddaughter while mum was on honeymoon and spend some time with Malachi who has reached three months. Then quite suddenly one Tuesday evening around a bar-be-que Frances collapsed and was taken to casualty. She has suffered a number of Tia's symptoms, but this was the most serious and repeated the symptoms again a couple of days later and it was diagnosed that her heart was stopping this time for 7 seconds and within hours was fitted with a pacemaker. This was not the only complaint she took with her to Perth. She has been having stomach pains for many months and eventually they diagnosed this as a perforation of sigmoid diverticulum. An abscess in the colon.

Terry left Australia to return to home to relieve his sister looking after Doreen and keeps in contact with Frances as she recovers and plans how to return back home. This may not be before the end of May as Terry will now travel alone to Zimbabwe to take one of the Ameva Bible School courses at Ameva in Chegutu.

 Before we left for Australia, we planned to take a break from our regular involvement in the Beulah Baptist Church to concentrate on our itinerant ministry. Making plans trusting the Lord to guide and discovering that the Lord has gone before is always such a blessing.

Our programme for this period is uncertain so we are trusting the Lord to make our plans clear. We appreciate so muc your ongoing support. Love to all Terry & Frances

New Year 2022 update

Happy New year to you all.  Life since the introduction of the Omicron variant of the virus has again changed the programme of our Sunday morning church life. Frances enjoys meeting personally with the folk at the Beulah Baptist Church, whereas Terry has gone back to logging on to several church services which so blessed him during the lockdown season. Firstly, All Souls Langham Place in London who provide a regular online service, then to the church we support locally and then finally to Eltham Green Community Church which continues to be in our hearts where John is the lead Pastor.

Fortunately, we are able to continue to lead our Fellowship group in the building where masks are not required providing we have taken our seats. This enables us to talk and pray together without the necessity of them.

Yesterday the 10th January we received news directly from Kezia, in Australia, that she had given birth to our second great grandchild Malachi David Dawson and we were able to speak with her & Ben from their hospital room. As you may remember Kezia nearly lost her life in June 2014 when a drugged driver speeded into her car and left her with serious brain damage and multiple fractures. That she was able to deliver her baby naturally and quickly was a medical miracle and we are so thankful to the Lord who helps us in our time of need.

On the 24th February 2022 we plan to fly to Perth to see our new great grandson and the rest of the family. While we are there, we shall attend the wedding on the 5th March where Abigail is to marry Ray Darch. This again is another blessing from the Lord. Eva, Abigail’s daughter is now 5 and very excited about all that the future holds for her mum and new Dad. Another blessing is that Australia is in the middle of their summer with temperatures in the top 30’s and mid 40’s.

This Christmas was spent here in home with Doreen, our resident guest who has weathered the storm of 2021. In the middle of November, she was taken to A&E at 3am in the morning and diagnosed with serious problems in her right eye. Apparently, the pressure was so high that if she did not have immediate treatment this would result in the total loss of her sight in that eye. She already has Macular Degeneration so further loss would be a real handicap. She had to have surgery and continue a regime of 12 drops & pills a day to bring the pressure down. This certainly did not make her sight better but has enabled her to recover and enjoy her usual busy programme at the local Anglican church.

John & Janna & Family joined us for Christmas day bringing with them the traditional Christmas dinner steak something we learned to enjoy on our visits to Zimbabwe.

The second weekend of January we were invited to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of Hugh & Marion Osgood. They were part of our house church in Bromley back in the early 70’s meeting up with us before they married. We took the opportunity to stay over at the Bromley Court Hotel as we were due to speak at the Eltham Green Community Church on Sunday morning.

Ministry opportunities continue with the church in Eltham as Terry is responsible for the support of the work at Ameva and is part of The Eltham Green Fellowship Trust. We also continue to speak monthly live on New Life Radio. 

We do thank you for encouragement and support and trust we shall have opportunity to meet again this coming year.

Love Terry & Fran


Autumn 2021 update.
Life post covid lockdowns has now settled us into a reasonably normal programme and we find ourselves extremely busy. Most Sundays we join the Beulah Baptist Church where David Lockwood is the senior pastor. We see Caroline and their three children on a regular basis. Niah (12), Katelyn(9), Alana (4) are growing up really well. Niah is now at secondary school and has sometimes been involved in leading in the youth services. We continue to lead a midweek Fellowship Group (now called a Connect group) and enjoy the weekly bible study and fellowship. As we meet in one of the rooms in the church building, we can gather up to 20 folk each week. For 4 weeks mid-September to Mid-October Terry led a series in the Holy Spirit & Gifts and it proved again to be a very valuable time. We also continue to have many good opportunities with members of the church.

Next week we are looking after one of our older friends Reg (93) while his wife Lois (88) travels to France with her son to complete the sale of a property in France. As Reg has dementia we support them regularly. It has also been a privilege to meet with them each Friday afternoon while we study the letter to the Ephesian Church. Since we last wrote we have had opportunity to visit Worthing, Eltham & Epsom to share on a Sunday morning and continue our ministry on New Life Radio.

Last week, 25th October, Andrew & Rebecca and our grand-daughter Sienna (15) visited from Helsinki. It was quite a challenge for them to arrange the various Covid Tests and they were quite surprised when they heard that the day left that Finland became a red country. However, all went well, and we enjoyed the time. While Andrew & Rebecca went to Bath for a few days we were able to spend a couple of days with Sienna.

Things in Australia have been very tight as regards being able to visit. Those Australian citizens outside the country when Lockdowns hit last year still have not been able to return but the government is considering relaxing those rules this month and allowing close relatives to visit. This means we are planning a visit in March 2022. Kezia will have had her first child, our second great grand-daughter, and we will be able to attend the wedding of Abigail & Ray. We shall update our news in the New Year.
Love  Terry & Fran


Welcome to our Summer Update

Its been over three months since we updated our news on this website. We have been thrilled to have been released from the legal requirements of lockdown rules but have decided that we will continue to wear our masks in shops and public transport to ensure that both ourselves and others are protected from infection. Today we learned that Covid19 infection rates have been reduced in half which I guess is very encouraging for those who have to govern our country. We are reminded in scripture 1Timothy 2:1-2 Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.  In our Easter update (see below) we mention some serious medical issues which required follow up via our GP with some consultants at the local hospital. Terry can report our new young GP has resolved some of these issues by changing his medication and is much better. Frances has had a lot of scans, MRI's, investigations & phone conversations, and we hope she will be allowed to drive again in a couple of weeks when all the reports are reviewed. 

Because of these issues, we were not able to fly to Menorca in June having rebooked it from the previous year so were able to spend 10 days in Norfolk spending 4 days at a friend’s flat in Sheringham and the rest of the time in Great Yarmouth. We spent most days walking in the mornings and resting in the afternoons. Except Wednesday June 9th which was Terry's birthday when we sat on the beach.

We have successfully finished painting the kitchen cupboards and having been working on getting the garden in order. We can say that we have finished all the conversion work in the home.

We continue to enjoy a variety of meetings via YouTube on Sundays and lead a couple of Bible Study groups during the week. One at the Beulah Baptist Church where our niece Caroline and her husband David is the senior pastor and one in the home of an older couple who live in Fairlight. We continue to enjoy speaking each month on New Life Radio and are looking forward to recommencing travelling to various churches now that the Covid restrictions have finished. Terry has now appointed a trustee of the Eltham Green Fellowship Trust which as its missionary arm supports the work of Ameva Farm in Zimbabwe.  This work continues to grow and have a great impact upon the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.  If you do not receive their weekly newsletter, please do so by writing to amevaweekly@gmail.com you will find a link to the latest DVD by following this link. https://youtu.be/qr0XCPgON0s

All our family are doing well in Perth, Australia, Helsinki, Finland and Eltham, London and Doreen Cooke who lives with us continues to enjoy her regular meetings at St Ethelburga the church which is situated on our road.

We are looking forward to contacting you all again whether it be here or where you are but you all remain very much part of us.

Love to all Terry & Fran


Welcome to our Easter update

Its been over three months since we wrote our last news page. Due to lockdown, we have restricted most of our contacting either to the telephone or to emails. One of the most common introductions when receiving both is" Trust you are both well". In fact, we are both doing ok but unfortunately do come short of the "being well" phrase. Trouble is we are at the age now when things start not to work, and they need attention. Terry has developed the common old men’s problem, an enlarged prostate. Which disturbs a good night’s sleep. Terry has for many years enjoyed his usual 8 hours sleep at night. He now finds lots of things to do mostly between midnight or two in the morning. He tends to wake up a few times. Catching up on emails is good therapy. Frances continues to try to get to the bottom of her eating and obvious "through" problems. They think the muscles are on strike and slow everything down. She finds eating a challenge and the outworking more difficult. She had a Colonoscopy last week, not a pleasant experience, and they are still checking her after her tia last year. Still waiting for the outcome of both. That means she is not driving now.

Having said that, we do continue to enjoy lockdown life. Now we are painting the kitchen cabinets. As there are about 25 doors and 18 draws and all the pillars, unit edges, shelves etc around so it has proven quite a challenge.  When we bought the house in 2014 some of the units around the sink had water damage. We were unable to replace them as the units had been discontinued, to replace all the kitchen units was out of the question, but after being sanded and painted green they now look very good. Terry takes them off, takes all the handles off and Frances paints them two coats and then Terry rebuilds & refits them. We are very pleased with the job.

We have cleaned up our decking, put back all the chairs and tables from storage, tidied the garden and now are awaiting the warm weather. We had started to visit folk outside and have visitors in our garden but that is currently on hold due to the cold weather returning.  We have 3 overseas cancelled trips to rebook, numerous cancelled preaching engagements to fulfil and some visits to us to re-schedule going back over a year now.

Monday does see the start of wider visiting with an outside pub garden invitation to Lewes to meet up with a couple from Worthing. Our average monthly driving has increased from the 80 miles in January & February to well over double that during March. Last 12 months we have done just over 3000 miles at least 10000 miles short of our normal programme. Terry continues to avoid Zoom as far as ministry is concerned but really enjoys his monthly Sunday evening slot on New Life Radio. We are speaking next Sunday night the 18th April on the text "Let us go on to perfection " We are really looking forward to getting back to the physical pulpit.

Doreen is doing well and she and Terry log on to All Souls Langham Place on Sunday morning while Frances visits Eltham. If the ministry is on YouTube we are able to visit a variety of other churches. Doreen joined the local Anglican church last year which restarts again on the 25th April.  We are looking forward to logging on to the next series of Fellowship Gatherings at the end of this month.  The three boys are all doing well scattered around the world. We haven't met up with any of them since before Christmas. 

We do hope to see you personally again soon.

Much love Terry and Fran