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Summer Greetings from Terry and Fran

Welcome to our website. Our website gives regular updates on life here for us in St Leonards on Sea 

It is amazing to think that it is June already and we are nearly halfway through the year. June is a special time for Terry as it his birthday on the 9th. Five years ago we were spending time with Walt & Wennie Robbins in Canada when we received a call from Philip to say that Kezia our 19 year old grand-daughter in Perth Australia had been involved in a near fatal car accident. On the 11th, this year,  she was 25 and celebrated her amazing recovery and birthday and wrote the following testimony

“So this morning I woke up with mixed emotions, last night I celebrated my 25th! Quarter of a century. But today I reflect on 5 years since my world changed and 5 years of on going therapy. 5 years ago I was found in a car crash, T-boned by a man travelling at a speed of 128 on impact, no pulse and small chance of surviving. 2 weeks in a coma and 6 weeks of hospital, this has resulted in memory loss, fatigue, chronic migraines, cognitive difficulties and a few more subtle but very impacting injuries. But in all I’ve lost I found my Jesus, see I had known Him before but never like this. This faith I have found can never be taken away, I’m so aware of His presence with me day in and day out. God so generously gives me all I need, He gives me joy when I feel so low, He gives me self control when everything in me wants to act like a 4 year old, He gives me energy when my brain for the past 5 years can’t fall into a deep sleep with waking myself up. But most of all He has been my best friend and helper, in the frustrations of nobody understanding and seeing He told me He sees me and He understands. The times where I’ve felt so alone He came as a companion. The comfort I feel when I know He knows every hair on my head, sees my heart and knows who I am, gives me a peace I can’t explain. 

I can imagine a lot of you have stopped reading this as soon as I mentioned God and think “ugh religion”. I can’t express to you enough how much this isn’t a religion or a cult or a rule book of how to not have fun. No way! This is purely a relationship and it’s foundation is LOVE, you see He is the King and Creator yet He knew you before you were even born and He wants to help you always!

HIS LOVE SAVED ME and in return I love Him so much I don’t HAVE to do anything, I WANT too. I love Him so much that I want to be bold in my faith a freedom. So plain and simple, He wants to set you free, He’s extended His hand your whole life. You just gotta be brave enough to take it.”

On the 3rd January 2020 Kezia is marrying Ben Dawson and we togther with John & Janna & family are all travelling to Australia to spend Christmas with our Perth family and celebrate with Kezia as she marries.

In March she year Terry's mother, 101, died peacefully after a short illness. She was living in the nursing home at the top of our road. Terry was able to take the service with her close the family attending and was able to share some of the times she had responded to the Lord and benefitted from His encouragement.

We are still enjoying increasing opportunity with the church under the leadership of David & Caroline Lockwood and have an encouraging role in Pastoral care as well as many preaching opportunities. This together with speaking invitations in local churches and leading a local house group has kept us involved in the life and ministry of the Lord. We are also getting more invites to visit some of the fellowship churches and folk who were at one time in the church at Eltham.

Doreen Cooke is still with us and although she is 93, severely visionary impaired and has walking difficulties, she is doing well. We realise she would find it unpractical being left alone at night so when we do have days away Irene her friend from Sidcup & Terry’s sister Sue are always very happy to stay and be around the home.

Our three boys are still scattered around the globe. Although we did all meet Christmas 2017.  Andrew, Rebecca, Oliver & Sienna are in Helsinki. Andrew is Head of IT Release Management for a Nordic Bank. Rebecca is still working in translation & professional photography. Philip, Michelle, Abigail (+Eva 2 ) Kezia, Jake & Ethan are in Perth Australia. Both Philip & Michelle have been to college this year. Philip studying theology and Michelle, Counselling. Philip has taken up a more travelling ministry and had a amazing time in Kenya. John, Janna, Chloe, Esther & Benjamin are in South East London. John & Janna still leads the church at Eltham and is passionate about reaching the community. The Café “Fresh Ground” started last year provides a lot of activities for reaching people with the good news of Jesus.

We are looking forward to visits from Philip & Michelle, Kezia & Ben this June & July both here in the UK and in France. Both Andrew & Rebecca and family and John & Janna & family plan to be with us all in Normandy July 18th to the 25th.

We have decided to do some breaks away this year  to the South of France on the 18th June 2019 for 10 days subject to being able to get across the channel. We also have several visitors booked to visit us here in our home.

We would love to hear from you, see you, in our or your places, so please contact us. 
Much love Terry & Frances