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Greetings from Terry and Fran

All  future plans, particular those abroad in the next foreseeable months have been cancelled. This includes our trip to Canada to visit Walt and Wennie Robbins and the Stouffville Fellowship has been reshedued for Spring 2021. It has been over 6 years since we have spent time with them and the friends we have made there. We shall also miss a visit to Andrew, Rebecca, Oliver and Sienna where we were to celebrate Oliver’s Graduation, and Birthday on the 28th May. We are hoping to be able to re book later in the year.  We have also postponed our holiday to Spain in June.

Terry has also had to cancel all UK visits although he was able to use Zoom for the first time when he ‘went’ to Heathfield, Devon for their evening meeting. It has also been his privilege to share on New Life Radio once a month on Sunday evenings.  These dates are on the Itinerary page. We have both  been very busy in the garden these past 7 months, not just weeds & plants but giving all our decking, 3 outbuildings, fences, set of seats and small table a good coat of paint. Something we had planned for the Spring but made possible by being instructed to stay at home. Now we are working towards closing everything down for the winter.  Terry has also built a second raised vegetable box and Frances has been enjoying eating her home grown vegetables. 

Since Beulah Baptist Church suspended its meetings, we have been contacting around 25 people each week, by phone, to make sure they have all that they need. Most of these are now obtained by online deliveries of food or shopping brought by neighbours. It is really good to chat each week, to keep contact.  The church has supplied good talks via You Tube, Zoom or Facebook. Some information is sent via the postal system as not all our friends have computers. 

Philip & Michelle, Kezia & Ben were due to be visiting us in July but currently these plans are on hold. Our holiday to Spain booked for the middle of June will probably be taken next year and we await to see what Easy Jet will make of the arrangements. 

Doreen continues to do well. Unfortunately, as she is only 95 and severely visionally impaired, she did not qualify for the continuation of her Tesco’s weekly shop which she has enjoyed for the last 10 years. We were all Sainsbury’s shoppers but now Tesco is back on line at least for the time being.  Its going be interesting to see how this season unfolds.

It may last until the end of the year, but it is sure to bring us all to a new place with the Lord. For us here in St Leonards we are finding the time a great blessing. We trust you are too. 

We will update our news Christmas time.

With much love .  Terry and Fran xx