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Greetings from Terry and Fran

Since we last wrote in March we have continued to be busy both in putting our new home in order and in the ministry both here in East Sussex and further afield.
On the home front, we are in the rear garden removing bushes, trees and fences to re-position our border fence about 2 metres further to our neighbour's side. Our neighbours, a Christian family, bought their house in 2006 and the boundary fence was already there but they have agreed with us that it could be moved. This, of course, is proving to be a major job. Already we have taken 10 trailer loads of bushes, trees and fencing to our local recycling centre and have only managed 8 metres of our 24-metre boundary. This will take some time as we only can allow 1 or 2 days' maximum a week. However, it will be completed in the due course. As mentioned in our last newsletter Dave Lockwood begins his three-month sabbatical from the Baptist Church where he is associate pastor and I have been asked to share on several occasions. The first is on the 7th May where I begin a new evening series entitled "Insights from New Testament Characters" my character is Andrew and I follow that up later in July with Thomas. We continue to enjoy meeting in a local house group once every two weeks and are beginning to get to know some of the 300 membership of the church.
Doreen, our house guest, continues to be very disabled finding walking and seeing very difficult. She has an operation for the removal of a cataract this month and sees a consultant in May for a possible hip replacement. In herself she is well and enjoying listening to audio books and computer ministry via the church website.
Mum Watson is also doing well and this week has moved to anotherroom in the nursing home where she has been a resident for 5 years. She is reconsidering our invitation of living with us in our home and we have begun the process of looking into the practicalities of it. We have some outside ministry opportunities booked over the next 4 months and a number of visitors from this country and overseas. Our itinerary is on our website as well as several mp3's which we have been able to access from other church sites.
We thank you for your love and support. Love Terry & Fran